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I'm Cristina Ceban, the founder of  Women Do Crypto Community and Women Networking Services

It is wonderful how a world-changing technology can bring all resources for women under one umbrella and create opportunities to build equity in the financial world.


Women Do Crypto has the mission to create a powerful network of women through meetups, learning events, business connections and exchanges.

If you are interested to know more about how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are transforming our financial industry and you wish to be a part of Women Do Crypto community and the growing blockchain movement come and join us at our weekly events.



We offer two types of empowering events. If you are novice or beginner in blockchain technology we advise you to join our Crypto Workshops, however if you are looking to interact in particular subjects of interest related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you can join our Crypto Afternoon Meetups which take place once per month. Feel free to choose the most suitable event for you.

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In addition to our educational and networking meetups, Women Do Crypto offers its community a Forum and a Members area in order to strengthen our connections and provide further enlightenment about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.  

The Women Do Crypto Forum has the purpose of bringing together like-minded women who wish to cultivate a common interest in the crypto industry, exchange information, gain more knowledge in this field and create social and business connections.

This network is about engaging, sharing, getting advice and support, finding opportunities and building new relationships.

Becoming a member of Women Do Crypto community will allow you to:

   - expand your knowledge of the crypto industry

   - have access to new and valuable information

   - exchange ideas

   - become known within the community

   - speak about yourself and your expertise

   - meet other crypto enthusiasts

   - strengthen social and business connections

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Women Do Crypto is open for collaborations and can organize both private and custom events for corporate groups and organizations offering a comprehensive course to meet client’s specific interests.

  • Corporate Learning

Empower your people to learn about and be updated on the latest technologies

  • Education

Prepare staff and students for the future

  • Industry Leaders

Speak about your mission to our community

  • Private

Choose a personalized approach to learn about the crypto industry

For more news and information Follow us on social media

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
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